Stop in for a visit

If you are interested in renting a property offered by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Newlin-Miller, REALTORS®, the first step is to visit the property. To do this, you can go to our website at, send an email to or call us – (765) 742-0195; we are open Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Application Requirements Summary

See application for detailed requirements

    • Good Credit Score
    • Meet Income Guidelines
    • Good Rental History
    • $20.00 Application Fee Paid

Submit Application

Once you have viewed the property and determined you are interested in renting, you need to complete and submit a rental application. You can fill out the application for the available unit by clicking here. A $20 non-refundable application must be paid before the application is processed. If the application is denied, the $20 will be forfeited to reimburse the property owner for administrative expenses. Each co-resident and each occupant over 18 years of age must submit a separate application.
Your gross taxable income needs to be at least three (3) times the rent. If all utilities are included in the rental unit, the gross taxable needs to be two (2) times the rent. If your income is non-taxable we will gross up your income 125%.

Application verification

The rental application process takes approximately 2-3 hours once the application is received in our office.

The first step of verification is running a credit report. For an application to be approved, the applicant must have a good credit report. We verify payments to creditors have been made as agreed and that there are no outstanding collection items or judgments in your name.

The second step of verification involves contacting previous landlords (if applicable). We verify rental payments were made in a timely fashion, and terms of lease agreements were fulfilled.

The final step, verification of your income, involves contacting current employers or verifying your income. If your income source is from employment, you will need to provide the last two pay stubs. If you are employed for less than six months with your current employer, we require the name and contact information of your previous employer. If your income is from a source other than an employer, you will need to provide documentation.

Upon rental application approval, we will contact the applicant. If the application is denied, a letter will be forwarded to the applicant informing them of the reasons for the decision, as well as contact information for credit agency. The applicant has the right to contact the credit agency for a free copy of their credit report.

Moving In

The approved applicant is ready to move in. To receive keys, the applicant must pay in full the first month’s rent, the security deposit, and any pet deposits. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Newlin-Miller, REALTORS® will hold a property for up to seven days with the payment of a holding fee equal to one month’s rent. The fee will be applied to the security deposit once the lease is signed, rent is paid, and the utilities are transferred to your name. If you change your mind or are unable to move for any reason other than we have denied your application, you will forfeit the holding fee.